$100 session fee for a 2 hour photo shoot.

$150 session fee for high school seniors for 2 1/2 hour photo shoot. This includes professional make-up for senior girls.

 You will be able to view your proofs in an on-line gallery of 25 – 30 images. For more information on pricing please feel free to contact me at (630) 207-5009.



 So you might be wondering what is a photo shoot like. I’ll go through some general info to help you get an idea of how a shoot is structured depending on which category you find yourself in. I’ve found the best shoots are the ones where there is a loose plan in place. That way everyone feels more relaxed and happy because they pretty much know what to expect. Because everyone is unique I like to have a pre-shoot phone consultation to get an idea of you and your story so we can create a photo shoot specifically for you.



Baby_THUMBI take my cues from babies and toddlers. What are their favorite toys, songs, activities. I try to capture them in the act of having fun and loving life. What is the best time of day for them? Are they well fed? Are they dry? Are they hydrated? Do they feel well? As parents know, when baby is missing one of these key elements it becomes their quest in life to get their needs met before they can enjoy their day. So I try to schedule sessions around nap times and feeding schedules.




Kid_ThumbLike babies, it’s best to work with kids when they are at their happiest too. If I’m working with siblings I usually like to take photos of the group first when everyone is fresh and ready for photos. And then take individual shots after that. We try to treat it like a fun play date where we sing silly songs, make up funny games, or ask silly questions.




Family_THUMBHonestly, a family shoot can seem like extreme chaos, but that is where I can get the most genuine photos. Just trust me. Also “what to wear” seems to be the most overwhelming question for families. And that is why I have a easy guide for you to refer to for my family and kids clients. I typically start shooting with the whole family and then move on to siblings, individual kid photos and then parent photos. We do our best to make this a fun family activity where we take very little seriously during the shoot.




Senior_THUMBProfessional make-up is included with the session fee from my make-up artist that knows how to make you look your best for your photo shoot. The consultation is really key for me to find out about you and your preferences. Who you are, and what you like to do, hobbies, dreams – all that plays into the type of shoot we design uniquely for you. Would you like an urban setting? Or a field? Or…both? The only limit is time. And also, get a friend to come with for a double shoot. That way you both can have a great time and feel more at ease.