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Fall Mini Shoots – The Ultimate Sibling Shoot
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If you just want great photos of your kids, here is why a mini shoot is the perfect solution: they only have to act like they love each other for 25 minutes! Also, I have found that in an environment … Read More

Fall Mini Shoot – Super Simple
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I have decided to switch my business model to only offering mini-shoots. I think the change helps both my clients and myself because mini-shoots are super simple. With just a mere 25 minutes of shooting time, you will be amazed … Read More

Sunshine Shoot
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This is one good-natured little lady! The day of the mini-shoot, it was so cloudy. Dark and cloudy. A few rain drops fell, but that didn’t stop me. The shoot was on. Clients were ready. And then…downpour. On this sweet … Read More

Gorgeous Fall
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  This shoot was taken back in the beautiful fall of 2015. I love when everything comes together. The weather, the light, great family…ah! When I’m shooting, I’m actually trying to do many things at once. (Multi-tasking, I believe, is … Read More

Playing at the Park
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Personally, looking back on these photos I can tell you this was a sweet memory. Sometimes everything clicks so well in a shoot. These boys were the sweetest, the weather was perfect, and the light – golden.   I was … Read More

Clickin’ Moms Chicago Walk
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Did you know there is a whole sub-culture of photography moms out there? Normally they gather on forums like Clickin’ Moms. But once a year these women photographers from across the country gather in person in designated cities to go … Read More

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