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Behind the Scenes Family Session
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Creating a Portrait With a Smile & Run Toddler Ever try to take photos of a two-year-old? The set up is perfect, but then baby wants to move! This little lady kept trying to run off. What do I do? … Read More

My Favorite Place for a Photoshoot
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If you have clicked around my website you might know the answer – it’s Greene Valley Forest Preserve. But why would I push this location over others in the area? I’m not against other sites at all. I’m just very … Read More

The Full Session – Why You Should Consider it
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The Full Session photoshoot is created for families who want artistic candids that turn into wall-worthy pieces of art for their home. The Mini Shoots I offer are great for busy families. However, sometimes it’s good to slow down and … Read More

Future Looks Bright – Senior Photos
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I was so impressed by this senior guy. He earned enough money from his lawn service business to buy himself this truck before graduating high school. Love it! Sometimes, us older folks wonder about the next generation, but when I … Read More

The Reason I Reserve Two Dates
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Ah, the weather. The day before this shoot it was an absolute downpour. That’s why I like to ask clients for alternative dates just in case the weather gets impossible. What a difference a day makes! These kids were so … Read More

Family Full Shoot
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I wish I could say that it was my charming wit that made them laugh, but no. Just trying a different pose I normally don’t use on clients. I know these guys so I thought I’d give it a whirl. … Read More

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