The forecast for their day called for heavy rain, and unfortunately, it did just that. Routinely, I book two dates just in case of bad weather. That is Plan B. But later, we realized a family member could not make the 4-hour trip back for the backup date.

After going through a few scenarios, we saw a break in the weather and decided to go for Plan A after all. And look, sunshine! Actually, that’s not sunshine. I brought my lights to mimic the golden hour and added dimension with Photoshop magic. It looks like a cozy warm afternoon, but the weather was chilly and threatening to mist again.

A couple in the group is expecting their first child, and it was nice to provide some last-minute maternity shots.

With our plans changing as quickly as the weather, this extended family seemed to adapt with the best attitude. It was wonderful to work with such a loving group. I’m so glad Plan A worked out!

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