Tale of the Two-Year-Old

Did we get this little guy to play along and sit down with his family? We sure did! The trick is not to panic. I also bring along my husband, who is excellent at making our session seem more like a big game we are all playing.

This little guy just woke up from a nap. So he needed a minute. Soon he perked up and looked at an airplane flying overhead. Also, he took a keen interest in a large mushroom randomly growing in the middle of this grassy area.

I need to give an honorable mention to this tot’s wonderful older brother and sister. They did everything they could to get little brother to cooperate. They kept arranging themselves around him so I could get a good picture. The shot below was all their doing; that’s how good they were.

Two-year-olds know how to keep things moving. Before we knew it, time was up, and I had all the photos I needed.

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