Black and White or Color Photography?

If I could get away with it, I’d only shoot in black and white. Take color out of an image, and emotion becomes the star of the show. One of the most powerful shots is one with a father and his child. I remember taking the top photo and thinking I had captured a sweet moment. It always seems that way with the dads. She’s graduating from high school this year, and he’s proud of her. Also, this is from behind the lens, kind of far back, but I think they might share the same sense of humor. Funny moments between siblings are also perfect for black-and-white photography. The eye is not distracted by color or lighting. It’s a moment in time. And, of course, the simple couple shot goes well in black and white.

Ah, but color is lovely, especially this day when the weather was warm and the lighting, at least in this spot, was perfect. We started in a different field, but the sun was too bright at that time. Thankfully, where I shoot, there are many options.

This is another Family Mini / Senior Photoshoot extravaganza! It’s where I take a quick family Mini Shoot of a family with a senior. And immediately after the Mini Shoot is done, we start the Senior Shoot. Very popular this year.

Black and white or color, it all depends on individual clients and the purpose behind the photos. It’s good to have options.

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