Patience is a Virtue

This kid should be a model. Okay, full disclosure, this is my nephew. But, also, and I don’t type this lightly. Yes, he’s good-looking, but more than that, he can quickly transform his look just with his expressions. Model agencies love that. Anyway, my favorite expression of his is the stern one. He’s good at it. By the way, the classic Ray-Bans are his dad’s old sunglasses. Those shades finally found their rightful owner 😉


Typically, I stick with the same location, but if clients want a different place that means something to them, I am more than happy to honor their requests. I do, however, want to scout out the location ahead of time so that I can make a plan. When it comes to photo shoots, a plan is best.


Light is everything to photography. So when I am scouting a location, I like to preview how the light falls. If it’s not great light, I might suggest a different location. In this case, I liked the juxtaposition of a senior at a playground. Going back to a childhood location all grown up makes for some powerful images. And, from a photography standpoint, using playground equipment as visual elements was a treat.

Senior Guys

He does smile; here is a perfect one. Honestly, he was an excellent sport. Most senior guys don’t care about getting their photos taken. It’s typically the mom who is driving this to happen. It’s always lovely to see sons play along for their mother’s sake. No matter what challenges this one faces in life if he applies the patience he had at the photoshoot, who knows how high he can fly!

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