Blink is right! Where did the time go? Joy is right too. I’ve enjoyed watching this family grow up for the last 12 years. This year, they wanted to reenact some of their favorite photos. So I had to blow the dust off an old external hard drive to dig out some of the images they referenced. (By the way, please do consider backing up your old photographs. I just copied all of theirs onto my SmugMug account. I’ve written about backups here.)

Clients have the best ideas. I’ve done this a few times with this family, and starting next fall; I will roll it out officially. It’s a family Mini Shoot and Senior Full Session combo. We begin with a quick family session and move on to the Senior’s Full Session. Get all the family photography done in one afternoon. Win, win!

Since I dug up old family photos, I thought I’d share a few from this senior’s past. So here’s some more from her senior session.

Looking back and comparing the past with now, I feel very grateful for how this amazing family has allowed me to document their growing up. I also see how my photography changed too—Onward and upward for us all.

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