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When Kids are a Little Shy

Why Full Shoots Work Best For Reserved Kids

I kinda know these kids. I take custom, mostly outdoor, school photos for a local preschool, so I remember these siblings. Once I started with this shoot, I remembered, ah yes, they are a bit reserved. Which is totally great, I am that way too, I understand. I was so glad I had an hour to get to know them better. They are truly delightful kids!!

It might take a little more time for shy kids to get used to something new or different. I respect that. There is nothing wrong with being cautious. When we transitioned from one location to another, I observed how they were interacting with each other. Laughing and kidding each other, hmmm, good to know.

Not too long into the shoot, they shared with us the epic pillow fights they have. Apparently, there is an ongoing dispute about who wins these battles.

Compare the first photo in this blog post to the last photo in this post. I the first photo, the kids quietly took direction. At the end of the shoot, they were telling me funny stories about each other. Hilarious!

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