The Persevering Class of 2020

It’s always an encouragement to me to take photos of high school seniors. So far they have been so sharp, it just gives a person hope for the future. There is nothing like this age. They are still have a foot in childhood, and another tentatively placed in adulthood. Such an optimistic mix. And this guy, whatever he chooses to do in life, I know he will be a success.

I’ve know this guy since he was going to school with my son. I know, I know it’s cliché but how do they grow up so fast? I remember him running around our yard at my son’s birthday party? They can’t be this old yet?

During the lock down, this senior decided to take up learning how to play the guitar! I’d say that was a productive use of time. Taking a tragic situation and turning it into something positive is a skill that this class of 2020 is going to ace going forward in life.

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