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The Girls Wanted Pics With the Dog

These girls were so excited that they got a chance to include their dog in the family photos. The family dogs I’ve worked with have been well behaved so far. And I think it’s important to document them. This morning, I realized that I don’t have a photo of my family dog from when I was a kid. I always want to share what my dog looked like with my kids, but he was such a mutt, I haven’t seen one like him yet. Oh I realize I was a kid in the dark ages before cell phones. None the less, I will continue to say, bring your family dog, as long as the dog isn’t crazy, right?

Their dog behaved so well. As I said before, this particular location is at the entrance of the dog park. So dogs and owners were continually walking past us. He didn’t seem to mind at all. The family said their dog was a rescue dog. He was familiar with the park because his trainer had to work with him to coax him out of some behavioral issues. Wow! Poor puppy. I’m glad he is in a loving family now.

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