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Mini Shoot Season!

What is a Mini Shoot Like?

In the past few years, this one especially, I’ve received specific requests for Mini Shoots. Which tells me they have grown in popularity. Mini shoots are an excellent way for families with small kids to get their family photos taken with the least amount of stress on everyone. Why? Because they are only 25 minutes long, which is enough for a decent variety of pictures but not long enough to drain little ones. I like to keep it moving along, so our time together is a happy experience!

How Many Photos Does a Client Get?

In this post, I’m showing all the photos I delivered to my client in a Mini Shoot. Typically, clients will get a gallery of 10 to 15 photos. From that gallery, they can choose five photos. Of course, they can always add more to their order or even order prints or canvases.

Mini Shoots or Full Sessions

Mini shoots for some of my clients have become a tradition. I will see clients every year or every other year for these short sessions. And sometimes, especially when kids get older, clients decide to go for a full session where I have more time to capture personalities and candid moments.

Future Mini Shoot Dates

I hold Mini Shoots two days a year in the fall, so if you want to stay in the know on the upcoming Mini Shoot dates, please join my email list.

Keep Your Memories Safe With 15% Off

For photo backup and photo sharing, I discovered SmugMug does both with amazing ease. Get those photos off your phone and onto somewhere safe and private. If you decide to sign up for Smug Mug through my link you will receive 15% off of a new account. Smug Mug will pay me a commission for it, but this doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep my little business up and running, so thank you!!

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