Can We Bring the Dog?

Absolutely! Bring your dog! The dog is a part of the family, and I think it is important to document them in the family. This guy was great, especially considering that we were at the entrance to a dog park. It’s like a slow parade of dogs coming and going from the park. Good dog!!

When I heard that the kids were twins, I immediately had an idea for a photo. I wanted to take one with their faces close together. And that was my ice breaker. They were such good sports. I mean, who wants to be that close to their sibling? What twins must put up with, I can only imagine.

This family hit the weather jackpot for the fall. I have noticed a trend from years of watching the fall weather. The further into October, the more rainy and unpredictable the weather becomes. That is why I schedule two dates: one in September and one in early to mid-October. I also make sure families are available for two dates if the weather is terrible on the first date. In the words of my favorite character from The Incredibles, Edna Mode, “Luck favors the prepared.” Words to live by when working with the weather!!

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