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Beautiful Day, Sunny Family

Have a said this already? I love families. Young families are a hoot. I love them because I remember those crazy days of trying to get my kids dressed and organized for whatever special occasion. I like to relive the funny sayings kids have, the way they are game for anything fun—the beautiful chaos of family life.

Mini shoots like this one are perfect for a young family because it’s over before kids lose interest. You could almost put them on a timer for little ones when they grow tired of pictures. Best to keep things moving and keep it fun. One of the tricks I use is something I do with my kids. It’s the ten clicks trick. I use this when I can tell they are growing impatient. I tell them I will be done in ten clicks. And they can count down with me as I take pictures. That way, they can see an end in sight. If you are taking pics of your kids, give it a try!

Typically, if there is a toddler in the group, the toddler runs the show. Somehow, those brilliant toddlers know that we are all at their mercy in a photoshoot. I have ways of using games to distract them. But in this case, this little guy was going along with whatever his family wanted to do.

And did this guy have fun? You bet!

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