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A Different Perspective for Family Photography Sessions

A Photo Shoot Can be Fun for Everyone

Getting family photos taken shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a fun family event where you get pictures to remember your time together. At least, that is what my goal is, especially with my full family shoots. And with this family, they came game for anything. I do have to say, I’ve been taking their photos for years, so that makes it a bit easier for all of us.

One thing that makes everything go smoothly is playing silly games. I like to do this to distract everyone from the stress of getting their picture taken. Another strategy I use is just observing the relationships everyone has with each other. With this shoot, I accidentally put two rivals together. Whoops! Because they were put on the spot a little, they smiled through it. Can you tell which pair are the rivals? Nah, it’s all in good fun.

Or sometimes, I spot best buds laughing with each other off to the side. If I see that, I’m going to try to get a picture of it. In this case, it was the oldest and youngest son. Or maybe someone in the group has a pose they always like to strike. Let’s get you in the right light and make it happen!

Full sessions allow me that extra time with families so I can capture what makes them unique. What about you? Let’s capture your life, your work of art.

Full sessions come with 20 digital images from a gallery of 30 to choose from. With all those images you might want to consider a safe place to store them. Not only photos from your session but everyday photos from your phone and computer as well. For me, I use Smug Mug. I love their service so much I became an affiliate. Here is a link to my review of Smug Mug. And here is a coupon if you are interested in signing up.

Keep Your Memories Safe With 15% Off

For photo backup and photo sharing, I discovered SmugMug does both with amazing ease. Get those photos off your phone and onto somewhere safe and private. If you decide to sign up for Smug Mug through my link you will receive 15% off of a new account. Smug Mug will pay me a commission for it, but this doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep my little business up and running, so thank you!!

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