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A Photoshoot During Crazy Times

Memories Still March On

During these crazy times, life goes on, and milestones need celebration. The little lady in pink turned one during the shutdown, so like many things, this shoot was postponed a little. Speaking of the lockdown, you might wonder how I am able to keep a distance from families while I photograph them. Fortunately, I have a zoom lens that won’t focus unless I’m several feet away.

I love that the mom brought books for her little one so she could remember that she loved books at such a young age.

Every time I edit photos with kids and their parents, I’m so happy to have this chance to document these moments. These are the moments they have with their kids all the time. Playing airplane, tossing kids in the air, tickle fights. As a parent of older kids, I’m not about to tickle my son, who is bigger and taller than me. He would think I lost my mind. Okay, he probably always thinks that.

I’m going to be completely honest here, family photoshoots can feel like absolute chaos, which is a good thing. It means kids are themselves, and I get to capture genuine expressions. This beautiful chaos is part of your everyday life, and it is a work of art.

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