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Celebrate Milestones with Photography

A Family Photo Session with a Twist

Milestone Plus Family Session?

Do you have a special milestone coming up? Why not document the occasion with a photo session. This little lady just turned one, and her family wanted to capture it with some fun portraits. What I love about this session is that we also took care of the family photos at the same time. Why not? (Fair warning, even if you just want pictures of the kids I’m going to nudge you to jump in with the kids for a few pics anyway.)

With Rain Comes Bugs

You may have noticed all the rain we’ve received lately. And with rain comes mosquitoes. What you can’t see in these photos are mosquitoes that came down on us like a Biblical plague. I can edit bugs out without too much trouble. But I can’t digitally maneuver genuine smiles. Seems to me that these two are naturally happy kids.

Documenting those everyday expressions, especially in little ones, is what I love to do most. Because kids change so much before too long, those sweet mannerisms start to fade away.

Here’s to more happy milestones for this family! Have a special occasion coming up? Let’s talk!

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