The Full Session – Why You Should Consider it

The Full Session photoshoot is created for families who want artistic candids that turn into wall-worthy pieces of art for their home. The Mini Shoots I offer are great for busy families. However, sometimes it’s good to slow down and plan something a bit more personal. Why? Imagine your family documented in such a genuine way that you want your photos to be more than a desk print but unique artwork.

One thing I love about the Full Shoot is that I’m able to help families capture everyday moments often disregarded. I like to take that moment and isolate it and, voila, it’s a work of art people!

With the Full Shoot, there are more photos to choose from, more location options, more dates open, and more time for creative poses. Also, I’ve noticed that Mini Shoot clients end up spending around the same as Full Shoot clients. But, they missed out on getting a specific date with all the extras. Check out my pricing here.

If you’d like to know more about how I set up my Full Shoot sessions please contact me!

A bit about this lovely family. It’s my niece and her husband and daughters. I’ve shot a few sessions with them all over the years. It’s always a treat to watch families grow up. The girl’s quilt is a homemade gift from their grandma. I love the personal touch it brings to the photos.

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