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Playing at the Park

Personally, looking back on these photos I can tell you this was a sweet memory. Sometimes everything clicks so well in a shoot. These boys were the sweetest, the weather was perfect, and the light – golden.

I was originally contacted because their youngest had a hard time looking into the camera and they thought a photographer might have more luck. Well, for family shoots, I never leave the house without my husband. He helps with comic relief, and in this case, dumping leaves on me so we could get the little guy’s attention. It worked!

Sometimes, though, I don’t want kids to look at the camera. Some of the most powerful images are when they are looking away because you can catch them being truly who they really are. So I have a few of those too.
Now this shoot was only supposed to be of the boys. But know that I will always try to get parents in a few. These amazing parents were caught off guard and first, but quickly joined in the fun. Tossing gum this way and sunglasses that way. Love it!

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