Clickin’ Moms Chicago Walk

Did you know there is a whole sub-culture of photography moms out there? Normally they gather on forums like Clickin’ Moms. But once a year these women photographers from across the country gather in person in designated cities to go for a photo walk. I’ve wanted to join in for the past two years. And this year I had a chance to join in.

We met downtown Chicago on a chilly, rainy morning. It was so rainy that I was tempted to turn around and go home. I’m a so glad decided to stay because I met some amazing women and had a great time.


I also had a try with street photography. Below a man approached my fellow photographer buddy and pointed out a great shot. She wasn’t able to take it at the time, but I did. Looks like this guy needs a camera. I love that shot.


I now realize I’m way to shy for street photography. My favorite street photographer is Brandon Stanton of Human’s of New York. Check him out! I follow him on Facebook and watch the power of story and photography change the world. It’s amazing!!

Now, it was at this walk that I made my first encounter with a mirrorless camera. Small and mighty. I had to have one. And now I do. I’ll blog on that a little later. The tricky thing about getting together with other photographers is that you want to spend more on equipment you didn’t know you needed. But I have also walked away with a few more friends as well.

Some of the best photographers I’ve ever seen are members of Clickin’ Moms. If you are interested in more info, click on the button at the end of this blog post.


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